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City Salon & Spa  Studio 302
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you said yes to the dress now lets say yes to the hair and make-up!
Do I put my hair up or wear it down?

What if I want my hair half up half down?

What about the veil?

Do I need extensions?

I want to look like the girl in the Magazine!

How long will it take?

Do I need to wash my hair or leave it dirty?

How much will it all cost?

Should I put in a clip or flowers?

Can you come to my location or do I need to come to the Salon?
​                   ..............................

You have questions and I have answers!  
I love weddings and everything surrounding them. 

I am here to make the hair and makeup part of your journey a reality. 

Think of me as your fairy godmother of beauty. 

I will help you make the transition from 
everyday gorgeous to runway diva......Veronica

(My husband Randy and I at our wedding)